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About Community Supported Agriculture

Patchwork Green Farm has been providing fresh garden produce to our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) members in Winneshiek County for more than 19 years.  Members support our farm by purchasing a share in the spring.  We then do our best to provide members with a wide variety of vegetables all summer and fall.

The idea of buying a share in a farms’ bounty was formalized more than 30 years ago in this country by Robin Van En through a system called Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.  The basic structure of all CSA programs is that members buy into the farm at the beginning of the season, assisting the farmer with annual start-up costs, and then sharing with the farmer in the bounty and risks inherent in farming.  When the onion crop fails, the members get fewer onions.

Americans have become increasingly attuned to the importance of the food they eat, and recognize that their personal health, the health of farm workers, the environment and national and international trade and economics all weigh on which head of garlic and brand of steak they choose to eat. As food consumers, we are all paying more attention to food flavor and if there were chemicals used in its production, as well as issues like nutrition and food miles.

CSA addresses all of these issues and more.  The most vital aspect of the system is the direct relationship between farmer and member.  Almost all CSA farms deliver their homegrown goods to members in their community, trucking the food as few miles as possible.  Members are encouraged to learn as much as they can about the farms’ management practices and to spend time visiting with the farmers asking tough questions. 

Farms that follow some variation of a CSA model vary in size from a dozen member shares to over 1000 shares. They offer items as varied as vegetables, raw milk, cut flowers, pastured meats, baked goods, whole grains and fruit.  While delivery methods and costs vary, most of the participating farmers have a strong belief in selling high-quality food that has been produced using the most sustainable methods possible, enhancing rather than degrading the local environment.  There are now over 4000 CSA operations around the U.S.  For more information about CSA farms around the country, visit


Patchwork Green Farm
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